Colorful Domes in Sedona

This colorful domish home was built to withstand tornadoes, hurricanes and fires, but even more than that, it was built to stand out. Looking at the home — a collection of 10 monolithic domes painted rainbow hues from red to purple —  it appears the homeowners achieved just that.

Dome homes are not a new type of structure — humans have been constructing domes for centuries. But the modern concrete-and-steel dome was developed in the 1960s by Utah resident Paul Ream, who worked with engineering professors at Brigham Young University to create “Ream’s Turtle,” an enormous dome that was used for Ream’s general store.

The 10 domes of the Sedona residence create a living space totaling 5,000 square feet. Each dome leads to another, starting with a grand entrance with 32-foot-high ceilings. There’s a kitchen dome, a living room dome — which includes a large water feature and pool — as well as a theater dome that has incredible acoustics, Robertson says.

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