Asian Markets in Fremont, California

Recognized seven times by the Southern Alameda Association of Realtors as a premier Realtor, Executive Homes Realty has successfully exceeded $20 million in sales in all market conditions. Located in Fremont, California, Executive Homes Realty satisfies the discerning tastes of buyers and the sales objectives of sellers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Fremont may not represent one of California’s largest or most populated cities, but the area offers shoppers an array of Asian food choices in local restaurants and grocers. With the highest Asian population in California, the city has a bounty of Asian markets and eateries, including Japanese and Korean options.

Fremont grocery shoppers purchase Japanese and Korean food at the quaint 99 Ranch Market. Asian restaurants in Fremont cover the range of Asian food. La Sen serves Vietnamese pho as well as spicy Bun Bo Hue. Chaat Bhavan serves vegetarian Indian food. Sushi lovers have a variety of choices, including Satomi Sushi and Aniki’s Sushi.


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