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Preparing a House for Sale

Committed to high-quality customer care and service, Executive Homes Realty has been a prominent luxury real estate company in the Fremont Tri-Cities area since its founding in 1989. With a highly-skilled team of contractors, agents, and interior designers, Executive Homes Realty works closely with clients to ensure that their homes look appealing and desirable to buyers.

When selling a house, it is common for many individuals to overlook what the house looks like. This is unfortunate, because appearance plays a vital role in a potential buyer’s decision making process. It is important for a house to look maintained and inviting in order to get the best price possible and to attract buyers. However, sellers should spend as little money as possible when preparing the home, completing minor touch-ups instead of full renovations.

The interior of a home should be cleared of all clutter and should be thoroughly cleaned. If there is too much in the house, it can distract buyers, preventing them from picturing their own furniture and possessions within the home. Repainting dingy or strongly colored walls with a neutral color can also help attract more buyers, as can replacing old and stained carpet. Since many buyers are looking for a home that is ready to inhabit, the idea of having to repaint or install new carpet is frequently off-putting.

When it comes to the outside of the home, the lawn should be watered regularly, cut, and edged, and hedges should be nicely trimmed. Cleaning and aligning the gutters further improves curb appeal, as does repairing damaged roof shingles or loose siding. Old vehicles should be kept away from a house while it is on the market, the front door should be freshly painted, and the garage door should be closed.